How to Plan a Stress-Free Relocation


No one likes moving house; stress levels can go through the roof as you attempt to pack and move all of your personal possessions without breaking anything. This is made worse when you are moving to another state, which requires a high level of planning and preparation and with that in mind, here is our guide to a stress-free move.

How to Plan a Stress-Free Relocation

  • Leave it to the professionals – Find a leading company that offers removals in Sydney, which would be a comprehensive service that includes packing. The removalist would only require your inventory list and they can handle the rest, while you and your family relax and enjoy the experience, if that is at all possible. If you have a friend who recently relocated, ask them about the experience and whether or not they would recommend the removal contractor and you might get lucky. Otherwise, read the online reviews when browsing removal company websites, which will give you a good idea of what to expect.
  • Create lists – The more you plan, the less stressful the move will be; create one list of things that can be packed in advance, things you hardly use and another list of things that are not to be included in the move. You might want to rent a skip for the inevitable waste and you could arrange an auction for stuff that you wish to sell. If you are using a leading removal firm, they will want an inventory list that includes everything that is going to the new dwelling. One of the best ways to move house is to use sea containers, which can easily be transported and with professional packing, your possessions are secure. Click here for tips on choosing a letting agent, which might prove useful one day.
  • Utilities – Of course, you need to terminate your agreements with the old utility providers and make sure that all are hooked up at the new residence. It is a good idea to call the water, electric and telephone providers a few days before the date of the move, just to ensure that everything is ready. The last thing you want is to have no power or water when you arrive at the new dwelling, something that is easily overlooked. Let’s not forget Broadband Internet, which should be connected upon your arrival, ready to hook up to your desktop PC.

Any thoughts of saving money and hiring a van for the weekend should be resisted, as this is the best way to have a lot of stress; rather you should entrust the experts to handle the entire operation. If you are single and live in a small apartment, you might be able to handle the relocation on your own, or with the help of some friends. Here is some NSW government information about moving house, which we should all read is we live in that state.


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