How to Source China Products to New Zealand


Since New Zealand is a small country, many businesses find it difficult to find a supplier locally. In other cases, the local supplier may be charging a very high rate. So businesses are interested in finding a reliable and reasonably priced suppliers for the products they require. China is the biggest supplier of low cost goods to the rest of the world. It has a large number of factories manufacturing different kinds of goods. Hence businesses would like to source China products to New Zealand, and want more information on the different options which are available.

How to Source China Products to New Zealand

While a business can directly source the items they require from the Chinese supplier using the internet, there are many risks which are involved. One of the main risks is delivery of the item after placing the order. Many of the businesses in New Zealand will require small quantities of the item which they order. In most cases, for smaller orders, the Chinese supplier will require some advance payment. It is usually not possible for the buyer in New Zealand to verify whether the supplier is reliable. So there is a possibility that the supplier may not send the items ordered, after getting the advance payment.

The other problem which the buyer will face while sourcing products from China is the quality of the products and specifications. For low value orders, it is usually not feasible to visit China, to inspect the materials before they are dispatched. So while in some cases, the buyer may be fortunate to find a reliable manufacturer in China, supplying the materials according to specifications, there are other cases, where the material specifications, quality does not meet the requirement of the buyer. This can cause losses. Hence it is better to hire a reputed sourcing agent like Epic Sourcing to procure the products required from China.

It is always preferable to hire a China sourcing agent of Chinese origin, since he will be aware of the local language, culture, business practices and legal system. The sourcing agent has a large database of verified suppliers in China, who have supplied materials earlier. These suppliers are also checked to ensure that they have the manufacturing facilities to manufacture the product as per the specifications which are provided. The sourcing agent will also finalize the terms and conditions while placing the order on behalf of the buyer, considering Chinese business conditions.

One of the main advantages of using a Chinese origin sourcing agent, is that he has a wide network in China and can arrange for the inspection of the items ordered in China, before they are being dispatched to New Zealand. So in case there is a problem with the quality of the goods, the buyer can ask for replacement, or rework, so that it is as per the required quality. Additionally the sourcing agent will also find the most cost effective and reliable mode of shipping the ordered items from China to New Zealand, and help in customs clearance, so that the buyer gets the items at the earliest.


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