How To Get The Perfect Nose Shape Without Surgery?


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Have you ever thought that your nose is doing injustice to your face? Well, many people do. It’s quite typical among the people, especially women, to feel insecure about the size and shape of your nose. However, we are not taking it to the specialist as we are afraid of surgery. But what if we say you had a chance to reshape your nose without surgery? Does it sound fantastic?

How To Get The Perfect Nose Shape Without Surgery

What is Non-surgical Rhinoplasty?

So, the process of nose reshaping without surgery is known as Non-surgical Rhinoplasty. This process is also known as Liquid Rhinoplasty. The dermal filler is used in the method to change the shape of the nose.

What will be the effect of liquid rhinoplasty?

The cosmetic professional would insert the hyaluronic acid or any other gel-like injectable substance as dermal filler under your skin where you need to make changes. The ingredient would reach the deeper inside the skin layers and holds on to the shape of your nose. The filler aids in maintaining the smooth lines on your nose and in reducing wrinkles. It is suggested to visit the clinic once in six months.

How to be prepared before the treatment?

  • Don’t consume excess alcohol.
  • Avoid consuming any anti-inflammatory drugs and blood-thinning medications such as Vitamin E.
  • Consume a lot of water and lessen the amount of your food before the procedure.

What are the steps in non-surgical rhinoplasty?

The non-surgical liquid rhinoplasty is an active process with simple steps. It follows the steps as:

  • You need to lay down straight with your face tilted up.
  • The doctor will apply the topical numbing cream on the particular area and around the area where you need changes. It helps you to avoid any pain in further steps.
  • Once you can’t feel anything due to the anaesthetic effect, the filler will be inserted into the nose area through the injection.
  • There won’t be any discomfort feeling except the slight pinching feel on your nose during the process.
  • The entire procedure won’t take 15 minutes, and it can go for maximum 45 minutes in rare cases.

How much do you need to spend on the process?

This process doesn’t have any significant risks when compared with the traditional rhinoplasty. The procedure won’t come under your medical insurance plan as it was one of the cosmetic processes. The average price for liquid rhinoplasty is between $600 and $1200. The cost may vary on the type of dermal filler you used and also on the number of injections are used for the procedure. The price for the process, along with the maintenance job, is said to be higher than the traditional method.

What can you expect after this liquid rhinoplasty?

As you know, the process takes only fifteen minutes or less. Before you get the better nose shape, the injected part will be swollen and also experience pain and redness. However, these symptoms will be cleared once the effect of injection starts to subside. It might take a maximum of two hours.

You will get the best result within a week or two there won’t be any redness or pain in the treated region after the period. The patients had reported getting back to their healthy life once the surgery was over. As it is not a surgery, the process doesn’t require any recovery time. Based on the type of dermal filler, the effect of this process will last long from six months to three years.

Is Non-surgical rhinoplasty safe?

Yes, it is the safest method to get the perfect shape of your nose. The effect of the dermal fillers is efficient and fast. The professional will inject the Hyaluronic acid in the skin; the difference could be easily noted. You won’t feel uncomfortable as topical numbing cream will be applied in the particular area. Sometimes, the filler is also mixed with lidocaine you’re your comfort.

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