How Long Should One Sleep to Get Enough Sleep


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People nowadays give less preference to sleep in today’s hectic life. As a result, we can see a rise in different health issues like diabetes, obesity, stroke, high blood pressure, etc. Sleep is very important to the human body after a long day’s work. That is the only time when the body gets adequate rest and helps to recover from damage. The surface where you sleep also carries equal importance when it comes to getting good sleep. Sleeping on Wakefit mattresses can not only give you deep sleep but also help you in gaining good body posture. When it comes to sleep, everybody is different. Some people may require 5 hours of sleep and some may need a full 8 hours so that they can feel rejuvenated the next day. Have you ever wondered if there is anything that can measure your sleep? Here is a little guide on how many hours should one sleep in a day:

How Long Should One Sleep to Get Enough Sleep

As per studies, the below is the list of the number of hours one should dedicate to sleep

A.Newborn Babies14-17 hours (including small naps)
B.Infants 12-15 hours
C.Toddlers11-14 hours
D.Pre-school10-13 hours
E.School going9-11 hours
F.Teenager8-10 hours
G.Adults7-9 hours
H.Older Adults7-8 hours


Newborns wake up a lot during day time and they may appear restless as well. Since they need to be fed every two hours, it will be difficult for them to sleep for a long time. As per studies they need to get at least 14 hours of sleep, which can include the short day time naps as well.

Infants, Toddlers and School going

An infant would need proper sleep for 12-15 hours. As per studies, an infant will also sleep for shorter periods in a day. Some toddlers also experience sleep regression if they do not get enough sleep which is 11-14 hours a day. It would be better to train the infants once they complete six months. Pre-school and school-going children should get sleep somewhere between 9- 13 hours. If they do not get enough sleep, it can pave the way to sleep apnea and behavioural issues.


As per studies, teenagers go to sleep after midnight and as a result, they wake up late in the morning. A teenager should get 8-10 hours of sleep, and lack of sleep can lead to depression, emotional breakdown, etc.


There are a number of reasons why adults cannot get sleep for 7-9 hours, as prescribed by the doctors. Caffeine, job stress, lack of exercise, going through mobiles before sleep, etc. are a few reasons that ponder in lack of sleep. The adults should schedule a sleep routine so that they get enough time to sleep and can feel rejuvenated the next day.

Senior Adults

People who are above 65 years and above will need a proper sleep of 7-8 hours. Doctors suggest that the right sleeping hours for seniors are reduced due to medications. Many seniors struggle to sleep at night due to age-related issues. However, doctors suggest to make up the sleeping hours as short naps during the day. It is essential that seniors sleep on a comfortable mattress to get the required rest and sleep.

The sleep requirements are different when it comes to pregnancy. During the first trimester, a pregnant woman may struggle to sleep due to sleeping positions. Once they are in the second trimester, they require 8-11 hours of sleep which is good for the baby as well. Having said about the sleep hours, it is important that you add other accessories such as a good mattress, a good pillow, etc. if you need good and sound sleep.


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