Five Smart Ways to Earn More Money from Fantasy Cricket Apps


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Are you a newbie in the world of fantasy cricket? Want to know how to play fantasy cricket and earn more money from it? Then look no further. This article takes you through some essential fantasy cricket tips and tricks. The information covered below helps you understand how the fantasy cricket apps work and enable you to win cash.

Five Smart Ways to Earn More Money from Fantasy Cricket Apps

1. Use the app that permits changes to the team even after toss

This is a crucial thing that you need to pay attention to. Before you choose a fantasy cricket app make sure that the app provides you options to modify the team until the match starts. Since toss is done 30 minutes before the start of the game you will have more opportunity to choose the best players. Moreover, after the toss, you can know which team is about to bat first. Therefore, with this information in hand, you can easily pick opening players, bowlers, and a combination of other best performing players.

2. Understand the points system

Every fantasy cricket app follows a distinct structure for rewarding points. Some may give more weightage to batting points (like the fifties, runs, etc.) while some may assign more points for bowling (like maiden over, wickets, etc.). Some apps may also have a balanced point system for batting, bowling, and fielding. Additionally, the point system also differs between different match formats such as ODIs, T20, and Test matches. Hence, considering the point structure the app follows, select the appropriate one.

3. Join small contests with higher confirmation

Participating in large contests with more than 10,000 members has quite lesser chances of ranking first and winning more money. Contrary to this, if you join small contests with 10 or 20 members you are likely to win easily with a higher cash amount. This is because winning against 9 members over 9,999 is much easier. In addition to this, also check whether the contest is confirmed or not. Accordingly, choose the contest that is confirmed and will run despite being not filled.

4. Choose your captain and vice-captain wisely

When selecting captain and vice-captain for your team be very cautious. The points scored by your captain are equivalent to 2 times the points scored by a normal player. While for vice-captain it is 1.5 times more. In simpler terms, 10 points scored by the captain will be equivalent to 20 and for vice-captain; it will be equivalent to 15.

5. Check out the Referral Bonuses

Most of the fantasy cricket apps have attractive referral programs. By simply making your friend join the app through your referral link and play game you can earn bonuses. To share your referral link you can use multiple platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube Channel, or your blog. As soon as your friends join and play, you get rewarded with cash.

These were a few best fantasy cricket tips and tricks which will help you to be a step ahead from the others. To summarize, fantasy cricket is the best way to explore your passion for cricket and earn more money.


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