Five Reasons You Might Want to Hide Your IP Address


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The internet can seem like a scary place if you don’t know what you’re doing: and IP addresses leave people open to a lot of problems. It’s vital that you protect this information by using a VPN and changing your online behavior to protect yourself as well as possible.

Five Reasons You Might Want to Hide Your IP Address

These are the top reasons you should hide your IP address and be more careful when online.

To Browse While Hiding Your Identity

Sometimes it’s nice to be online without your identity getting out there. Social media, web browsers, and nearly every site out there, collect information on the people who visit. Because of this, you’re never truly anonymous unless you can hide the information they’re tracking you through. Hiding your IP address can ensure you don’t deal with being tracked against your will.

To Protect Yourself When on an Open Wifi Network

Sometimes we have to get online in public networks, and when that happens, we can put ourselves and our devices at risk. Instead of hoping that nobody tries to gain access to your information, make sure that it’s as protected as possible.

Set every public connection as a public one, and ensure that you use a VPN so your behavior and usage can go undetected and won’t lead back to you.

To Access Websites That Aren’t Open to Your Location

If you use a streaming app like Netflix or HBO, you’re probably aware that many shows and movies are only available in specific locations. This can be annoying if you want to watch your favorite movie, only to find out it’s only available on Japanese Netflix. With a VPN, the IP address lookup any streaming service attempts will show you the location that can watch that show: and you’ll have access.

To Avoid Work or School Restrictions

Although you should focus while at work or school, there are some situations where sites are blocked that don’t need to be; instead of having to wait for this to be fixed within the system, it’s far faster to use a VPN or proxy to hide your IP address. This can allow you to access sites that wouldn’t be available otherwise and can make it impossible for them to track who’s accessing these sites.

To Save Your Location From Being Public Information

The largest piece of information an IP address can give away is your general location. By showing your internet provider, and your general area, anyone who has access to your IP address via link or you accidentally sharing it, will be able to tell what state and even city you might be in. Protecting your IP address gives you the chance to exist online without worrying that people will be able to tell where you are.

Your IP Address Should Always Be Protected

Whether you’re using a public or private network, or you’re trying to access information that isn’t usually available in your area: it’s vital that you protect your IP address. Find a VPN you like, and be careful what links you click when on the internet for your best chances.


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