Elementor Review:- Is this a brilliant WordPress Website Builder?


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Not sure about Elementor is the finest page builder plugin for your website? In this Elementor review, we will show you how this tool work, what this tool is all about, list of its pros and cons. Here we will help you to decide whether this website tool is good or not.

Among the different website building tool, I am sure that you heard about the Elementor Plugin. This one is a great WordPress page and site builder tool for many users. I also use the Elementor Website building tool. This one is a very easy to use drag-and-drop plugin for users.

Elementor Review

Readout and find out why I am saying this Elementor is the best choice for you if you want to use easy to use website building tool.

Elementor Review:- What is Elementor?

Elementor is a free & Premium website building tool for WordPress. It gives you a drag-and-drop interface for WordPress. This one is the professional website building tool on WordPress. Tools are professionally designed for developers, designers, and marketers. The Elementor launched in 2016 and serving its services to more than 180 countries. The plugin is installed by 5,000,000 users. The plugin rated with 3.2 stars out of 5 so it shows that the plugin is quite easy and ok to use.

Why Elementor built?

Elementor is built because of the growing online businesses. Every professional need to use an easy to use website building tool. Completing a website in WordPress is a very frustrating task. But with the help of the plugin, you can make it very simple. Elementor is a flexible website building tool. With lots of simples to use qualities.

Advantages & Features:- Elementor Review

Advantages & Features

Elementor is one of the best easy to maintain website building tools for users. Whether you are a beginner or pro you can easily create a website with its advanced features. The biggest benefit of this software is that it is available in both free a premium version. Lest tool at the features and advantages of the Elementor in its paid version.

Additional Widgets

One of the biggest advantages of the Elementor page builder pro builder is one of the best plugins to build a website. This user will get a few more additional widgets that make your website building work more powerful and easier. In this use will get easy to manage drag-&-drop features. It includes the lick of call-to-action widgets. Media carousel, and login website.

Popup Builder

Get several easy to build popup builder feature. The popup ads attract the audience and engage lots of people. So by using the Elementor Popup builder you can create a pop-up on your website just in a click. It helps the webmasters to create an interactive and useful form to reach out to the users easily.

Numbers of Templates

In both Pro version, you will get several templates as compared to the free. a user will get the benefit of the number of templates. In its collection, a user will find attractive & easy to manage templates. The paid version a user will get a maximum of 3000 themes and pages. You can choose the required one to create a website as you want.

High Customization

Now it comes to customization. All users need to customize a site according to their needs. So in the Elementor, you will get the authority to customize your website according to your need. In the Pro, version users will get the high customization features as compare to the free version. You can choose different ideas and designs to create a website.

Woo Commerce Blocks In Pro Version

The pro version of the Elementor is to come up with the WooCommerce. These features are essential to building an online store. The tool is especially used to layout your product to display. With the help of this, you not only display your product but you can also create a category of your products and add a few more attractive button “Add to Cart” & more.

Different Layouts

In this, you will get different layout features. It means you can create your website with lots of extra attractive features. Because the design of a website can easily make or break your reputation in the market. All the creators want to create a user-friendly website by using the Elementor Layout anyone can create a website with more attractive designs.

Mobile Preview

In this, you will get different templates to create a desktop & mobile preview. You will make to change update the template of your website. This will adjust the size of your screen and resize a page according to the user.

Contact Form

Building a strong bond with the audience is the main motive of the firm. So with the help of the Contact Form, you can make it easy for the user to connect with users easily. Within a few clicks, you can easily add a contact form to your website.

Is Elementor any good?

Yes, Elementor is a very easy to use tool to build a website. Either you are a beginner or pro you can easily use its drag & drop features to build a website. In its free version, you will get enough features to create a website. If you want a premium wordpress theme you can go for a theme like premiumpress wordpress theme. If you have no budget then we bet this is the best Elementer for your wordpres site.

Is Elementor good for WordPress?

Creating a WordPress site is very easy for all users. Elementor Plugin makes building site very easy for all the users. In this, you will get all the features that make your WordPress site more powerful and working. Elementor helps you add advanced stylish, layout, and design elements for you. In the pro version, you will get the best feature to design the entire WordPress site.

What are the pros and cons of Elementor?

100% free Core Products3rd Party addons commonly cause issues.
Great User InterfaceLack of some market-oriented features
Trustworthy PlatformConfusion between Global & Static templates
Global Widgets
Easy Customization
Create custom header & Footer
Powerful Popup Builder

How much does Elementor Cost?

If you are going to choose its services then you will get the various plan. You can choose the right one that suits your pocket and fulfill your needs.

The plan is best for any number of the website. The plan is free of cost with:-Personal means individual use. The plan is designed to use for a single website. The plan cost $49/yr.Plus plan is designed for the 3 website use. You can grab the features of Elementor in 3 sites at $99/yr.The plan is designed for the 1000 sites at $199/yr. In this, you will get all the features of the free plan.
Drag and Drop Editor50+ Pro Widgets50+ Pro Widgets50+ Pro Widgets
Responsive Editing300+ Pro Templates300+ Pro Templates300+ Pro Templates
40+ Basic Widgets10+ Full Website Template Kits10+ Full Website Template Kits10+ Full Website Template Kits
30+ Basic TemplatesTheme BuilderTheme BuilderTheme Builder
WooCommerce BuilderWooCommerce BuilderWooCommerce Builder
Popup BuilderPopup BuilderPopup Builder
Support for 1 YearSupport for 1 YearSupport for 1 Year
Updates for 1 YearUpdates for 1 YearUpdates for 1 Year

Difference between the Elementor & Elementor Pro?

Elementor FreeElementor Pro
A limited number of featuresDifferent plans at reasonable prices.
Free of cost3000+ Templates
Plenty of themes, elements, and blocksExtra features to manage website
For any number of websiteWooCommerce Blocks
Mobile Preview

Elementor 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Elementor 30 days money-back guarantee is for those users who are not satisfied with its paid plan. If any of the users are not satisfied with the services of the Elementor you can easily refund it within 30 days.

Elementor Review:- My Opinion for Elementor Website Building Tool

Elementor is one of the best website building tool for all the users. With the help of this, any user whether they are beginner or professional can design a website. With the number of layouts, themes, features anyone can design a website carefully. Its drag & drop feature will help in managing or creating a website. So, If you are satisfied with the services of the Elementor then use it and create your website according to your desired design.


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