A Guide to Sourcing the Best Local Child Care Provider in Victoria


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If you are a career woman who has been off work with maternity leave, now is the time to start thinking about getting back to work and in this short article, we offer useful information to help you locate the best child care here in Victoria.

a guide to sourcing the best local child care provider in victoria

Start with a Google search

Victoria is a big state and whether you are looking for the best child care Ballarat or Geelong, the number 1 search engine can bring up a list of child care facilities and you can start browsing. Create a shortlist based on websites and set about booking a tour of each facility, which is the only way to assess each venue.

Natural environment

It is important for young children to experience nature and the best day care centre would have beautiful grounds with a wide range of outdoor learning resources, plus safe play areas. The facility should be very secure with CCTV covering the perimeter, which provides a safe outdoor environment for the children to explore.

Qualified carers

The staff should be a combination of experienced early learning teachers and training staff, with firm leadership from the principal. The ambience of an early learning centre is important; something to take note of when you tour the facility. All staff would be well-versed in child-centred methodologies and would engage in dialogue with parents on a daily basis.

Learning through play

Young children learn best through play, art and movement, which should form the basis of an early learning program; when touring the centre, you should be allowed to sit in on a few classes and see for yourself how learning occurs. Dance, art and movement would be integrated into the daily program and each child would be allowed to have free play time. Click here for tips when studying abroad.

Parental participation

A good early learning program should encourage parental participation; you would have the opportunity to join parent workshops, while there would be a weekly get together with the staff that keeps parents informed at all times.

Prepare questions for the principal

At the end of the tour, you should have an informal meeting with the school principal, which is the perfect time to ask a few questions. Do some research by reading all the web pages and that should tell you the school’s values and their beliefs regarding early learning education. Most child care centres have transportation, which means you have more time to prepare for your day at the office.

Once you have made your decision, arrange to take your child for a visit, so they will not be too anxious when the big day arrives. We hope that you can enjoy your return to your career, now that you have found the best child care in your vicinity.


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