7 Types of Chocolate Cakes to Satisfy Your Chocolate Cravings


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Cake and Celebration are like 2 bodies one soul, none of them is complete without the other. And November is, in fact, one of the best months for any celebration, as it perfectly falls between the end of fall and the beginning of winter. So, that makes it a not so hot and not so cool time of the year, and the most suitable time to plan a party.

And to make those parties lit as ever, you definitely need to get a delicious chocolate cake online. But it is not necessary to go for the yummy yet regular chocolate cakes. So, this time try the forever Chocolate cakes with a twist.

Here is a list of 6 Chocolate Cakes with a twist that will surely make your celebration more happening and fun:

1. Chocolate and Cheese Cake

Chocolate and Cheese Cake


This is one of the most loved forms of chocolate cake with a twist. It is sweet, creamy, dense, moist and rich in chocolate. It is a flourless cake that makes it super soft, so, it melts at the exact moment it enters your mouth.

2. Choco Mocha Doughnut Cake

Choco Mocha Doughnut Cake

Mocha and chocolate is a heavenly union that creates the best of desserts ever. And when turned to a cake it is so delicious that you will surely love and maybe you won’t even share it with your love. The coffee lovers are surely gonna love this cake.

3. Chocolate Rum Cake

Chocolate Rum Cake

The combination of chocolate and rum is so intense that even a single slice of this cake can satisfy you instantly. It is a light, moist and spongy cake that you cannot say no to. It is a perfect cake for weddings and receptions.

4. Belgian Chocolate Cake

Belgian Chocolate Cake

A Belgian Chocolate Cake is one of a kind. It is made by using Belgian Dark/Milk Chocolate. It has a bittersweet taste, perfect for the chocolate cake lovers without being too sweet.

5. Chocolate Truffle Cake

Chocolate Truffle Cake

A treat for extreme chocolate lovers, Chocolate Truffle cake is full of layers of chocolate ganache that makes it super smooth, creamy and rich in chocolate, a Cake that you could not take your handoff.

6. Choco Lava Cake

Choco Lava Cake

A Choco Lava cake is a mini cake filled with melted chocolate in between. One of the most loved cakes ever. It is small and sufficient for an individual, and with every bite you get to taste the hot molten chocolate that will boost your mood and senses instantly.

7. Chocolate and Oreo Cake

Chocolate and Oreo Cake

Who doesn’t love Oreos, and chocolate Then, How about trying and fusion of both this time? Order for an Oreo and Chocolate cake online, and surprise your beloved no matter where they are in the world with the sweetest present.

These Chocolate Cakes are becoming the most favorite cakes in the public. Even these chocolate cakes prices are so reasonable, that it won’t put much strain on your pockets for sure. So, no matter what the occasion is, treat your loved ones with chocolate cakes by ordering them right away.


Chocolate cakes are perfect for every occasion. Very few people in the world who do not like the flavour, chocolate. No matter whether it is a wedding, or a birthday, or an anniversary, you can be rest assured that you cannot go wrong with a chocolate cake. You can always opt for cake delivery Dubai to help you with the richest, most flavourful and affordable chocolate cakes in the whole world.


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