5 Mistakes to Avoid During Furnace Installation


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There are a bunch of signs that suggest the need for a new furnace (heater or boiler). Failure to make this change would mean spending more money than you should, tolerating an underperforming furnace, and even the possibility of safety hazards.

Unusual noise, humidity problems, and constant need for frequent repairs are some of the signs suggesting that you may need to get a new furnace installed. The kitchen exhaust systems needs to be installed very carefully so that they can manage the smoke efficiently to give a good environment while cooking. A single mistake can leads to a faulty exhaust system which leads to so many issues in the kitchen. You can read this article to find out more about signs that suggest a new one is needed.

The installation of a new furnace is a worthwhile investment. It guarantees that your indoor environment is properly heated during the cold season. However, you have your part to play in making it a worthwhile investment indeed.

Ensuring that some common installation mistakes are avoided is one of the things to be done. What better way to do this than to know some of these mistakes for yourself? This is why a couple of them will be discussed here in this article.

Furnace Installation Mistakes to Avoid

Some people are fond of making certain mistakes during the installation of their new furnaces. Some of them are quite common and can be very costly. The adverse effects include rising energy bills, safety hazards, and having to deal with underperformance. Some of these mistakes include:

Not Using a Professional Installation Company

There are many complexities involved in the installation. Some of them include the need to properly sort out the ventilation system, electrical connections, gas connections, and the ductwork that is essential for the flow of heated air.

It is highly likely for inexperienced and unprofessional hands to make mistakes as a result. The best way to avoid very costly and even mild errors during this process is to have experienced and professional hands handling of things.

Ignoring Local Regulatory and Manufacturer’s Instructions

Manufacturers of furnaces usually guarantee that their product will operate optimally for a set period. This is called a warranty. However, the warranty agreement only stands if the manufacturer’s instructions are adhered to.

These are instructions that concern its installation and use. This is why these instructions have to be obeyed during the installation. HVAC service providers are in the best position to make sure of this.

Besides instructions from the manufacturer, local regulatory bodies also have local codes and regulations. Some of these local codes and regulations concern the installation of furnaces in their jurisdiction.

These instructions have to be followed to the letter. The reason is not only to ensure the smooth running of your heater. It is also about avoiding legal issues.

It is better to hire a local furnace installation service provider that understands these codes and regulations for this purpose. For instance, for heating furnace replacement in Columbus, OH, a company that specializes in this service in Columbus, OH should be hired.

Getting the Wrong Furnace

A boiler is not just a piece of equipment that you see at the sales point and get right away because you like it. It should be well suited for your space. Bearing this in mind, you are supposed to understand what your space requires and get something that will suit it.

One of the major considerations here is getting the right furnace size. There would be problems getting the right amount of needed heat if you get something too small. On the other hand, greater susceptibility to wear and tear and energy waste are a few problems associated with using an oversized furnace.

HVAC professionals are in the best position to properly inspect your space, and then recommend the best size and other specifications. So, it is better to have them handling all things furnace installation.

Placing the Furnace in the Wrong Spot

The state and shape of the immediate environment where the furnace will be stationed are equally important. For starters, it has to be positioned on a level and stable platform.

This is to avoid noise caused by vibration. The vibration can seem minor but could have damaging effects on some parts eventually.

Furthermore, it should not be stationed in an area exposed to extreme temperatures and high humidity, and that is quick to gather dust. The immediate environment should also be spacious enough to ensure proper airflow.

Not Properly Accessing the Ductwork

Your new purchase will most likely work with the existing ductwork. But before setting up the connections, it is important to inspect the ductwork. You need to be sure that its conditions make it suitable enough.

Depending on its state, there may be a need for major or minor repairs or modifications. For instance, further sealing or insulation might be necessary.

There are a few other mistakes you are to avoid during your furnace installation. To learn about some of them, you can visit: https://techbullion.com/.


Proper maintenance of your newly installed furnace is equally important. So, you should also reach out to your HVAC experts to carry out periodic maintenance. This would ensure that you have it up and running for as long as possible.


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