4 Things to Expect When You Buy a New Build


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Most people aspire to have their own home, when the time is right, of course. It doesn’t matter if your first home purchase is a modest, one-bed place for you, yourself and, well, you. A family home that has enough space for adults and children, including some extra space to swing the cat or a gigantic mansion! If you’re purchasing a new build, you will likely stumble across a few unexpected surprises that most people won’t be prepared for, here’s why.

things to expect when you buy a new build

Drains Backing Up

This might seem like an odd thing to be warned about, especially when you’re purchasing a ‘brand new’ home. It might make you wonder what on earth you’re getting yourself into, after all, it’s not like you’re buying a used and abused piece of history that’s seen better days, it’s a new home!! Funnily enough, blocked drains Northern Beaches are really common with new builds, even more so if you’re purchasing a property that is part of a large building development.

The number one culprit for drains backing up is those ‘disposable’ wipes that aren’t actually disposable and should never be flushed down a toilet…. Ever! Apart from that, there may be the odd occasion that some debris of some kind, left behind from the construction process gets stuck and causes a problem. Blocked drains are a pain in the backside for sure but, if you’re buying a new property, you’d better be prepared for it.


Unlike a brand-new car, or a shiny new motorbike that has just come fresh off the assembly line of a super hi-tech, dust-free factory, homes are a little different in terms of how they are put together and what kind of teething issues you might come up against. With a new car or bike, one can expect to have everything working absolutely perfectly from the get-go go otherwise, even the feeling of something not being right will likely see a replacement in its place sooner than you can say the word snag.

With a new home, there’s a lot to consider, for one thing, properties settle over time, which can resemble the effects of ageing! Rest assured though, if you’ve purchased from a repeatable builder and have a home buyers’ warranty of some sort then that’s all they shall be, perhaps a few cracks here and there or the odd screw pop, which of course can all be made good easily enough.


This one might seem a little OTT but, more often than not things like turf aren’t covered under the warranty, leaving some new home buyers a little baffled 6 months in when they’ve neglected to keep the grass in good shape and expect the builder to make good!

As long as the builder has done their job properly, designed the landscape in accordance with the guidelines and has not done anything that may have contributed to a poorly looking garden. Gardens and turf, fall largely into the homeowner’s lap!

Damp and Mould

Like it or not, there will likely be some amount of water used when constructing your new home which, of course, will need time to dry out and, may, or may not develop into mould patches. Most new properties are a little damp when they are first occupied however, as long as adequate ventilation takes place and there isn’t anything going on inside the property that may cause dampness, things should be dry in no time.


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