Your Employees & Why You Need to Provide Them With Health Insurance in Australia


Many Australian employers are suffering from high staff turnover and it can be incredibly frustrating going through the hiring process, and training up a member of staff only for them to leave a short time later. This is something that you need to get to the bottom of and staff don’t leave for absolutely no reason. Many employees report that getting a high salary is no longer their priority and they want a better quality of life that includes their employer supplying them with health insurance. It’s all about establishing a proper work-life balance which is incredibly important to millennials and increasingly so with older generations as well.

your employees & why you need to provide them with health insurance in australia

If you want to be able to attract the best people and you want to be able to hold on to them for longer then you need to start looking into not for profit health insurance plans. Every employee needs peace of mind knowing that they are in pretty good health and this helps them to concentrate on the role that you hired them to do in the first place. You will find that productivity levels will increase and there will be less stress and anxiety in the workplace. If you still have to be sold further on why you need to put something like this into place for your enterprise then maybe the following can help.

• More experienced staff – If you have health insurance in place for your employees then they are more likely to stay with your company for the long-term and this means that they grow in knowledge and skills. These are employees that you cannot afford to lose and so by making sure that they are happy and that they know that you are actually looking out for them, they will reward you with their long-time service.

• It is an excellent recruitment tool – When you advertise for various positions on the Internet or the job boards, you can add the fact that you offer health insurance to them as part of your recruitment drive. As was mentioned briefly before, many new employees are favouring a better lifestyle to climb the corporate ladder and make lots of money.

• It reduces absenteeism – Australian businesses lose literally millions of dollars every financial year because staff members are taking days off sick. If you have the right kind of health insurance plan in place then staff may not be reluctant to go visit their medical practitioner because they know that the costs are covered. By being able to address health issues earlier, they don’t get to become health problems further down the line.

You can see why it makes so much sense to invest in your staff and offer them health insurance because this is one of the best investments that you will make this year and every year. You will get an excellent return on your investment and it doesn’t really get any better than this when it comes to positive results.


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