Why You Should Consider Soft Washing Your Roof


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A roof protects us from the elements such as rain, wind, and snow. And for it to keep doing its job well, it needs proper cleaning and maintenance. There are many services out there to clean roofs, but some of these methods can shorten their lifespan.

Services providing soft wash roof cleaning can help preserve your roof’s longevity. It does that through the application of chemicals and lower water pressure so as not to damage surfaces. Check out the reasons why soft washing is more beneficial than power washing and other alternatives.

Why You Should Consider Soft Washing Your Roof

It Doesn’t Just Clean; It Sanitizes

Aside from cleaning, soft washing also sanitizes the surface of your roof. This method uses biodegradable, water-based chemicals to break down dirt and organic matter. It also removes mildew, moss, fungi, bacteria, and other microorganisms, plus it slows down their formation and regrowth as the chemicals leave a protective layer on your roof.

An example of a microorganism that causes illnesses are fungi such as molds and mildew. A characteristic they share is spore formation. These microscopic spores are not noticeable to the naked eye. However, these are known to cause allergic reactions and sicknesses in people, especially in high concentrations. Soft washing can help get rid of these problems through chemical cleaning and treatment.

It Causes Less Surface Damage

Soft washing, unlike power washing, uses low water pressure to remove microorganisms plus dirt and debris buildup. It doesn’t cause permanent damage to your roofing. It also prevents the usual problems encountered when pressure washing, like the discoloration and thinning of the material and puncturing holes through your roof or ceiling.

Preserving your roof’s integrity is easier when it undergoes soft washing. It uses warmer water, biodegradable chemicals, and lower water pressure to clean. Therefore, it doesn’t do much damage when compared to power washing. You wouldn’t have to worry about chipping paint or shooting asphalt off of your shingles.

In many cases, roof manufacturers tell you not to use power washing when cleaning your roof. They recognize that this method accelerates the wear and tear of your shingles. In fact, these things are usually mentioned in their warranty guidelines. Power washing or pressure washing decreases your roof’s intended service life, therefore voiding your warranty.

It Addresses the Root of the Problem

Soft washing is originally designed to safely remove dirt and organic material from shingle roofs. Shingle roofs are meant to effectively shield against the elements. It is composed of various parts — the most important of which is the aggregate.

These aggregates are usually made of asphalt or gravel. Their shielding’s main purpose is to be chipped away by the elements throughout the years. However, organic matter such as algae, molds, and mildew tend to grow and take root on its surface — eating the aggregate away. Removal of these organisms wasn’t addressed by power washing and common cleaning alternatives. That is why soft washing was developed.

The visible part of molds and mildew usually comprises only a fraction of their body — most of which is underneath. They have root-like systems called rhizomes that spread far and wide beneath the surface. Algae and moss also take root on the roofing’s aggregate. Chemical treatment ensures that these organisms are killed down to their bases. Because of this, they grow more slowly after soft washing compared to other cleaning methods.

It Is More Affordable in the Long Run

Oftentimes, you can purchase a power washer quite inexpensively at a nearby hardware store or depot. Soft washing equipment, however, usually costs thousands of dollars if you wish to buy your own. Because of this, you may think that buying power washing equipment is the more beneficial choice. However, if you consider the damage it can cause to your roofing, soft washing actually allows you to save money in the long run.

Power washing damages your roofing. Because of that, your roof’s longevity is diminished. This causes you to replace or renovate it earlier than usual. You may think that you are saving money from cheap power washing equipment. However, it actually leads to more expenses down the line.

Overall, soft washing shows a distinct advantage over power washing when cleaning your roof. Not only does it help keep your household healthy, but it also causes less damage to your home. And although soft washing equipment is expensive, professional services often aren’t. The chemicals used are also fairly inexpensive but downright effective. There are plenty of services that offer soft wash roof cleaning in Staunton that provide reasonable prices. Make sure you can find an efficient cleaning service provider you can trust.


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