What are the Potential Reasons for Stock Prices to Go UP and Down?


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With the consistent evolution of modern technology, people who have tendencies to make investments in the stock market are making extensive use of efficient and highly-productive digital applications to keep the right track of the stock prices that fluctuates significantly. The prices of the stocks go up and down on a regular basis due to a significant imbalance in demand and supply of the shares.

What are the potential reasons for stock prices to go up and down

Buying and selling shares of a company can make you drive enormous profits or compel you to face a considerable loss. Depending on your comprehensive knowledge of the stock market and competence to leverage result-driven strategies, it is possible to succeed and make massive money over time. If you are not efficient enough, then it is tough for you to accomplish your goals when you are all set to invest and buy shares of companies. The wisest decision which one should make before investing in the stock or share market is to gain insights into the functionalities of the market. One can conduct extensive research either by leveraging the internet or by communicating directly with investors.

What drives investors to show interest in a potential stock?

Investors show more interest in buying stocks or shares of companies that are available at low prices and have the potential value to get sold at high prices. People who firmly believe in the primary principles for driving a considerable amount of money from the share market make great use of strategies by acquiring extensive information. Investors get triggered mostly by stock market news, and depending on good and bad news, they make decisions on whether to buy or sell stocks. An experienced investor is well aware of the fact that good news about the high demand for shares influences potential investors significantly to purchase stocks that have high value and price in the future. Whereas bad news implicit the costs or value of the shares are going to fall, and that increases the supply significantly. However, without checking proper facts and taking actions based on the news about the stock or equity market is not correct.

Top reasons that influence stocks to fluctuate in the market

Statements of finance

Every year, registered companies are required to publish or announce their performance in terms of economics at least four times, and that triggers the majority of the investors to buy and sell stocks. Information that one obtains by going through the statements of the companies, determine the power and value of the shares. Earning per share is one of the essential financial parameters that investors take into consideration. The more is the growth of earning per share; the more is the profit. The price of the stocks in the stock market mostly depends on the significant growth of EPS. If the EPS reduces, the value of the shares in the market falls significantly.

Profit of a company

Investors are well abreast of the fact that if a company drives enormous benefit, then the higher earnings will influence the demand of the stocks. The people who make investments prefer companies with significant financial growth and higher value in the market. One can buy shares of the companies that have been earning massive amounts of profits because it would help them to hold the stocks and sell the same at higher prices in the future when there is high demand. Public organizations publish their earnings officially once every year. If a company isn’t earning ample money, then buying shares of such a company wouldn’t aid an investor to drive any money from the share market. The finance analysts determine the stock price of a company based on its earnings. If there is a steady growth in profits, then the share value goes up significantly. And, if a company isn’t able to deliver excellent performance and drive any profits, the value of the stocks fall drastically.

Major financial institutions

Across the country, several top-notch financial institutions buy and sell stocks in enormous proportions. Top companies purchase shares more than others as they have ample amounts to control the share market, as the reliance share price has gone up due to the significant growth of the company. Depending on their buying and selling stocks, the stock market today fluctuates. If the big companies buy stock, then the demand becomes higher, and when they sell shares, their value comes down. Also, the investment from other countries, which is called foreign investment, plays a noteworthy role in boosting and improving the value of the Indian share market. The prices of the stocks fluctuate based on the activity of the top mutual funds companies.

Economic conditions of the country

Due to several economic and political conditions, the prices of the shares in the stock market fluctuate. Investors try to hold on their shares and decide to sell the stocks later when the prevailing conditions would get better. However, due to this particular factor, the value or price of the shares keeps on going down. Eventually, if the conditions do not turn better, then the investors are compelled to sell their stocks without making any profits.

Other than the present earnings of the companies, investors are well aware of the factors that notably influence shares. For a consistent period, the hdfc bank share price has remained higher than its competitors because not only for the growth but also for the variables that the majority of the expert investors take into account before buying and selling stocks. Apart from the potential reasons mentioned above in the article, there are many more reasons that you need to be aware of before making yourself a part of the process of buying and selling shares.

Conducting research on the stock market extensively and gaining a comprehensive knowledge of the valuable shares of the companies can significantly help in driving a massive amount of profits and make you rich and wealthy. Being an investor, you should study about the share market well and listen to your gut feelings while buying and selling stocks.


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