Top 3 Spring Break Activities for College Students


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For many people, spring break conjures up exotic vacations, wild parties and tipsy college students. However, it can be incredibly expensive jetting off to a spring break destination for just a week or two. Not to mention, not everyone wants to spend spring break doing the same cliché activities as everyone else.

Top 3 Spring Break Activities for College Students

Luckily there are plenty of ways you can enjoy your break without even going out of state. Here are 3 activities you can enjoy during spring break.

1. Fun Beach Vacay Vibes

If you are blessed with a local lake or nearby beach, why not make the most of the natural space and visit it with your best buds? All you need for fun beach vacay vibes are your best friends, some refreshments and a spring break playlist. If a beach party isn’t your thing, you can still have fun in your local, natural scenic spot. Simply chatting with friends on a sandy beach or watching the sunset over a vast body of water with your favorite people is a great way to spend spring break.

2. Throw a Low-Key Party

Spring break might be all about the wild parties for some college students, but a simple gathering with a close group of friends is all you really need to have a good time. Throwing a low-key party for your nearest and dearest needn’t break the bank. You just need a suitable venue for your guests, a delicious spread and a few fun activities to keep everyone entertained. For example, a backyard BBQ party is ideal for people who enjoy a cookout and have access to an outdoor space. Add a few outdoor games and you’re golden. A few classic outdoor games include lawn darts, pong golf and cornholes. Cornhole is a firm favorite for outdoor gatherings and can be played by people of all abilities. Furthermore, you can purchase customized cornhole sets for a personal touch. The University of Alabama cornhole boards are great for showing school pride. They are painted in the iconic deep red, black and white colors, and feature the college logo.

3. Road Trip Across State

If you want to travel to new places and experience new things but you don’t have the budget to go out of state, why not take a road trip in your local area? Although it might seem boring to stay close to home, there are probably many scenic spots and sites of interest that you haven’t experienced in your state. Do some research into local attractions and you might be surprised with your findings. One of the great things about road trips across state is the fact that you don’t need to splurge on accommodation. All you need are your favorite tunes, snacks to keep you going and a tank full of gas. This affordable spring break activity is ideal for catching up with friends who have traveled to other states for school. Use this time to reconnect with old pals and share fun college stories with each other.


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