The Different Types of Gas and Their Functions


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Gas is a form of matter that has no defined shape or volume. A gas can consist of one element or can be a combination of two or more elements. Gases are basically formed when a solid or liquid form of matter is exposed to very high temperatures. Compared to solids and liquids, gas has a very low density and is therefore very light. There are different types of gases that have different uses. They are essential for both human beings, animals, and plants.

Types of Gas

Types of Gas

There are so many types of gases, some of which are essential for everyday life and some that we do not even know exist. We have monatomic gases, which basically consist of a single element. We then have diatomic gases, which consist of two elements and triatomic gases, which are made up of three elements. The most common gases that we know of are compound gases. Gases can exist naturally and can also be produced in factory plants.

  • Oxygen: This is the most essential gas that has so many functions, the most important one being human life. With every single breath, we inhale oxygen. When the levels of oxygen in our bodies drop, one is usually placed on an oxygen respirator machine to assist with breathing. The oxygen that we breathe exists naturally and doesn’t have to be manufactured. However, this gas is also used for commercial purposes, mostly in industries for manufacturing and in hospitals. We have large oxygen plants that use different technologies for the production of oxygen. The most popular and effective method being the use of molecular sieves by the Jalon Micro-nano company.
  • Carbon dioxide: This gas is mostly used by plants. We inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide, which is then used by plants for photosynthesis. It is used to make soft drinks to give them the bubbly effect. Carbon dioxide is used in food for preservation purposes and is also used in fire extinguishers and in dry cleaning machines. However, This gas can also be dangerous if it’s too concentrated in the air. By the use of 13x molecular sieves, it can be absorbed from the air and separated from other gases. The molecular sieve 13x price varies in the market.
  • Helium: Other than the fun helium balloons used in parties, helium has other important commercial uses. Helium gas is used for the treatment of respiratory diseases like asthma. You can use helium gas to detect a leak in your vehicle’s conditioner. This gas is used in hospital equipment such as MRI machines. Deep-sea divers use helium to keep them safe in pressurized conditions.
  • Nitrogen: Nitrogen gas is used in the making of fertilizers for farmers. When combined with carbon dioxide, Nitrogen is used in the preservation of packaged foods. Nitrogen is also used in pharmaceutical drugs and is used in the preservation of stem cells, sperm, and egg. In manufacturing, nitrogen is used to shrink fittings so that they can fit in spaces. Nitrogen gas is used in electronics to prevent them from heating up when used for long periods of time.
  • Hydrogen: This gas is used for refining petroleum and the treatment of metals. It is used to provide power to rockets, trains, and cars. Hydrogen is used for the production of hydrochloric acid and the making of methanol. It is used to create ammonia which is then used to produce fertilizer. Hydrogen is the lightest gas in the universe hence used inside floating material.

Industrial Application of Oxygen Gas

It is without a doubt that we cannot live without oxygen gas. Apart from the everyday uses of oxygen, this gas also serves greatly in the manufacturing industry. It is highly generated for the multiple functions it serves in factories. Oxygen is mostly used in industries that rely on high combustion levels in order to produce their products. These industrial uses of oxygen include;

  • Steel Industry: We all know that metals are made from hard steel, and very high levels of combustion are needed for this process. Oxygen gas is highly flammable, and this helps achieve the high temperatures needed to cut or bend steel. Heavy metal boxes such as battery storage systems are made from steel.
  • Glassmaking: We have seen so many exquisite types and designs for glasses. These glasses are subjected to very high levels of heat in order to achieve their various shapes. This cannot be done without oxygen gas which is one of the most flammable gases.
  • Paper Manufacturing: Due to its low cost, oxygen is used in place of other bleaching agents to process the chemical structure of lignin so that it can be dissolvable hence be used in the production of pulp and paper. It increases production and saves costs.


We have seen that all the gases that exist in the universe are of importance to us either in one single form or when combined. They are applicable to both our day-to-day life and are also used to make some of the essential things that we need. However, some gases like oxygen highly depend on us too in order to exist. Environmental conservation is our main duty, especially if we need more oxygen in the atmosphere. So let us stop deforestation and environmental pollution. Our future depends on it.


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