How to Protect Electrical Equipment from Moisture?


Electrical equipment and moisture do not go well together. Moisture is one of the biggest contributors to various electronics-system failures. The most challenging problem is its fitful nature. Due to this, troubleshooting can lead to the removal of various parts that subsequently retest as decent. According to this factor, you can suspect various parts which lead to an increase in the consumption rate of spares.

How to Protect Electrical Equipment from Moisture

Monsoon brings relief to nature but it also brings moisture. Excessive moisture can affect electrical appliances. Electrical equipment is prone to damage by condensation. It can corrode contacts inside and lower insulation resistance which can lead to short circuits. So, it is vital to check the humidity, moisture and radical temperature up and down. You can also protect PCB from moisture just follow the below steps.

Top electrical issues due to moisture

Irregular performance

Due to moisture, active electrical equipments are susceptible to inconsistent performance. Erratic performance usually occurs due to capacitors, diodes and other internal components failure. It is mandatory to protect your electronic devices from moisture to prevent erratic performance and short-circuits. Instrument Calibration Services Toronto helps to provide safety to your electronic goods from moisture and other possible damage.

Patches on LCD or LED displays: Due to excessive moisture in the air and condensation, small-small patches occur in the LED or LCD displays.

Fungus and molds

Due to moisture, molds or fungus grows on the AV equipments. You should relocate your equipments to dry places to avoid mold formation.

Electrical leakage

Electrical equipments are prone to electrical leakage due to improper earthing or grounding. Electrical leakage is very dangerous for the user as well as for the equipments.

Tips for protecting electrical equipments from moisture

Reduce humidity and moisture

Humidity can be reduced by using humidifiers. Humidifier provides optimum moisture level in the surroundings. Placing packs of Silica gel near ventilation inlets can be helpful for reducing humidity. You can also install the humidity sensor to maintain and monitor humidity levels of the surroundings.

Use dust protection

Clean your electrical types of equipment regularly with a dry and soft cloth to remove dust and moisture from the appliances. You can also install dust covers in your unused ports and outlets for preventing moisture. You should keep your electronic items in dust-resistant racks.

Air-conditioned surroundings

During monsoon, make sure your critical appliances are kept in dust free air-conditioned place. Maintain the temperature because sudden up and down in temperature because it can cause condensation which can harm the appliance.

Check the grounding

Your equipment should be properly grounded whether it is monsoon or not. Proper grounding is necessary for reducing risk from the high-power static current. Efficient grounding results in low electrical noise and improves safety and performance.

Use your electrical devices regularly

If you use the devices regularly, it will protect them from dust. If the devices are left unused for a long period, it can corrode the equipment.

For expensive and sensitive equipment, you should go for AMC and other possible services. The professionals know their job well and give better protection to your appliances.


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