How to Know If Your Car Accident is Worth Filing a Claim


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One aspect of almost all civil cases is damages. Damages include physical harm, financial loss, or property damage which you can entitle the other party to compensation. Be it car accident lawyer in queens or any other place or other attorney you are always going to pay hefty amount of money to the lawyer and winning the case or might lose it also. But if you chose to settlement it can save your money that can become a compensation amount for the opposite party to who your car have harmed. No exceptions to personal injury claim to help drivers and passengers recover compensation for damages incurred in vehicle accidents. However, talk to knowledgeable and skilled attorneys before filing a car accident claim. They can handle your case effectively because they have several qualified attorneys in multiple states and locations.


You can use this blog to learn if your accident is worth filing a claim for your compensation.

Have You Got a Police Report Copy?

The report will include the investigating officer’s name and badge number with specific information about the accident. Insurance company claim adjusters often contact investigating police officers to confirm comments made by injured parties on claims.

Did You Get Medical Help Right Away?

After an accident, go to a hospital emergency department or see your doctor as soon as possible. Failure to do so may, in some jurisdictions, exclude claims for injuries that are not immediately apparent. So, seek medical help immediately if there is even the slightest question.

Were There Any Spectators?

If so, you’ll need their help to support your claims, or if they tend to undermine them, you’ll need to anticipate what they’ll say so you can respond.

Did You Capture the Scene of the Accident on Camera?

In a case involving an automobile accident, a picture can be worth a thousand words.

What Limits To Include In Each Driver’s Auto Insurance Policy?

Insurance restrictions often place physical limitations on your ability to recover. Since few people have enough assets to warrant obtaining a personal judgment, you will often seek to recover damages from the at-fault driver’s insurance provider. Your claim may be limited if the insurance policy limits are less than your damages, although there are often ways to deal with this.

Have You Had Any Previous Injuries?

If you had a previous illness or injury, ask your doctor to take a new ultrasound or x-ray of the injured area. By comparing scans taken before and after the accident, it is possible to show that the region was further damaged due to the accident. Of course, no claim will be made for the injury if it was fully pre-existing and not aggravated by the recent incident.

Have You Spoken to Anyone There so Far?

If you say things like “Absolutely my fault” or “I can’t believe I acted so foolishly” after a collision, these statements will go against you. On the other hand, if another motorist says something, you may want to pay attention and maybe check to see if anyone else in the area heard it. Remember that even if your emotions may be strong after a car accident, you should avoid making promises or placing responsibility on yourself. However, this does not exempt you from taking advantage if the other driver misunderstands it.


It is often best to consult a personal injury attorney after a car accident. These attorneys can help you file your claim correctly and may be able to increase the amount you may be entitled to compensation. Additionally, a qualified personal injury attorney can recommend medical professionals and provide additional guidance to handle your claim and manage your losses and injuries.


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