Exceeding Expectations: 5 Tips for Training Staff to Deliver Exceptional Service


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Customer service is integral to business success. If customers aren’t happy with the service they receive from your business, they’ll show you pretty quickly by shopping elsewhere. You can essentially be handing customers to your competition on a silver platter.

5 tips for training staff to deliver exceptional service

Fortunately, customer service is a learned skill. Your team could become the masters of customer care if you take these actions:

Provide Them With the Tools

Your employees can only provide excellent service when they have the tools to do so. For example, customers would leave a restaurant feeling disgusted if kitchen staff didn’t have commercial dishwashers and hungry if they didn’t have commercial ovens. Builders also wouldn’t be hired if they didn’t have power tools and building materials.

The same is true when it comes to delivering quality service. You must ensure your employees have everything they need to do their jobs to a high standard, including top-notch IT infrastructure and software. Without these tools, they may not be able to provide the fast, efficient service that time-poor customers expect from the average business.

Look After Your Team

You can’t expect your team to look after your customers if you don’t look after your team. Dissatisfied employees rarely go the extra mile when their efforts aren’t appreciated. With that in mind, think about actions you could take to make your employees feel valued and looked after.

You might introduce a wellness scheme, provide incentives for achieving particular goals, and establish reward programs. When there are benefits beyond a paycheck for taking care of customers, you might be surprised by the higher level of service your customers receive.

Ensure Adequate Knowledge

Customers often have questions when they visit a store to buy a particular product. That’s sometimes even after they’ve read reviews and performed research online. They want to know if it has the features they want or will do the job they need it to do. If your team doesn’t know this information, instilling confidence in your customer base can be challenging.

That’s why product training is vital. When new products are introduced into your business, take the time to provide your team with all the knowledge they need to help customers make informed decisions. You can then gain a reputation as a knowledgeable, helpful business that goes the extra mile.

Offer Ongoing Training and Development

Customer service is often one of the primary learning modules during employees’ onboarding. Once they learn what’s expected of them during customer interactions, they’re released onto the shop floor to help customers find what they’re looking for.

However, customer service skills require regular refinement. This is especially true with changing consumer behaviors and trends. Businesses prioritizing ongoing training and development typically reap the rewards through highly skilled customer service teams who know how to care for every person who walks through the doors.

Teach Problem-Solving Skills

Customer interactions won’t always go as planned. Some customers can be dissatisfied with the products or services they receive and want someone to rectify the issue. Employees need to know how to analyze situations and devise solutions to keep customers happy.

Put policies in place for what employees have the power to do when customers are unhappy, such as:

  • Listening to the customers
  • Apologizing for their experience
  • Offering replacements or refunds
  • Referring them to a manager or business owner

Employees won’t always know how to deliver exceptional customer service on their first day. After all, customer service is a learned skill. However, by offering the right tools, training, incentives, and opportunities to learn new skills, your team can be the masters of customer service in no time.


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