7 Interesting Ways to Learn Prime Factorization


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What are Factors and Prime Factors?

What are Factors?

The numbers in the number system that are multiplied to get another number are originally known as factors.

What are Prime Factors?

A factor that is a prime number and not a composite number in nature is known as a prime factor.

Prime factorization is an effective method to find the prime factors of a respective number. These factors are nothing but are prime numbers, which are numbers that have only two factors, that is 1 and the number itself.

7 Interesting Ways to Learn Prime Factorization

How to Find Prime Factors?

One can find prime factors with the guidance of the most effective prime factorization method. Suppose one needs to find the prime factors of a respective number, then they would have to divide that particular number by the least available prime number, thus leaving no remainder. Again by dividing the produced quotient with the given least prime number and they will repeat the steps until the quotient is produced as the number 1.

7 Interesting Ways To Learn Prime Factorization?

Build strong Foundation

Prime Factorization is a subject that relies on the foundations when introducing consecutive topics. For instance, you’ll start with the basic mathematical operations like adding, subtracting, dividing, or multiplying. Then, as the students work on building and strengthening their knowledge, they can master more difficult subjects in math.

Don’t Memorize, Learn

A lot of students start learning the concepts by memorizing factorization facts. While this method can work, it could also create difficulties and confusion in the future. Prime factorization is very simple and can be broken down into a stepwise manner that will make it very easy to implement and use in mathematical problems.

Set Goals

Once the students have mastered the basics of prime factorization, they can set goals as to what they want to focus on and excel in while solving and practicing. If you are looking to be good with prime factorization, then set the right goals and work on them. Setting goals is one of the most important steps of getting a hold of the concepts and mastering the working of factorization.


As with any subject or method, the most reliable way to master it is through regular and persistent practice. Prime factorization will be easier once you get the hang of its concepts. Practice will always help students to excel and be confident while solving math. Practice is the only thing needed to completely master the basics as well as the complex problems in math. You can practice a number of questions based on Prime factorization on the Cuemath website. Cuemath is an online learning platform that makes Math super fun and engaging with the help of visuals, pictures, etc.

Learn from Your Mistakes

Prime factorization is one of the topics where it’s extremely important to take notes of your mistakes and failures. One cannot afford to repeat the same mistakes while solving math. Also, if we look at it from a whole different perspective, mistakes can help students understand the entire concept of prime factorization, which can help them in the long run.

Grasp Concepts

While prime factorization is more about numbers and their factors than theory, there are also a few comprehensive and confusing concepts to help understand different types of factorizations. Most students work on memorizing and don’t pay much attention to the actual concept that is involved in that problem. Hence when it comes to prime factorization, one should always focus on the core concepts rather than focusing on memorizing them.

Ask Help When Needed

It’s okay to ask for guidance and assistance while learning something new. Even if the students think they know the concepts and understand the factorization, they might need extra guidance to lead in an accurate direction and be crisper. Students can consider getting a math tutor, asking for a companion, or seeking help from their family. Remember, it’s completely okay to ask for help when needed while practicing math.


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