7 Helpful Tips to Manage Your Health During a Stressful Legal Battle


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Legal battles are anything but fun, therefore, it is so important to take care of yourself. In fact, making your health a priority could help influence a positive outcome to your legal battle. You will be thinking more clearly, and feeling on top of your game. As such, we have come up with a list of seven great tips for keeping your health at its optimum. Read on for more.

7 Helpful Tips to Manage Your Health During a Stressful Legal Battle

Number One: Get a Good Night’s Sleep

One of the first things to go when you have a lot on your mind is your sleep. Unfortunately, this is also probably the most important element to good health. A peaceful rest is what the brain and mind needs in order to properly reset. Without one, you will start your day off feeling groggy and unfocused. Your mind may have the tendency to wander towards negative thoughts, which is the last thing you want to focus on during your legal battle.

A good night’s sleep is so powerful because of the brain’s REM cycle. A lack of REM sleep can lead to memory problems, slower social processing and cognition, and increased difficulty in concentrating. These are all crucial things for handling a legal battle.

Sleep also affects your physical health, even to the point of making it possible to get you through your day. If you are loaded with stress and papers from your legal battle, sleep is vital for even the little things, like keeping your posture looking confident.

Number Two: Drink Water

More often than not, a headache means dehydration. But, hopefully you are not getting to headache status. When your mind is overworked, you are using up more energy than you are putting in to your body, even if you are not being overtly physically active. In this case, water is the perfect life sustenance to keep you operating at your best.

Water increases your brain power, can improve your mood, improves your cognitive skills, and can help boost your memory. Just drinking enough water will improve your overall day when it comes to a stressful legal battle. Not to mention, the added benefits of proper hydration may help your case.

If you want a way to make your water more flavorful, try these simple recipes for vitamin-infused deliciousness.

Number Three: Eat Whole Foods

Not only do whole foods help regulate your eating, cut sugar cravings, and keep a steady weight, but certain whole foods are great for brain health. Maybe stock up on some blueberries for breakfast, and bring some nuts and seeds for lunch. Even dark chocolate is proven to be good for brain health. Not only can it boost brain power, but it can also invoke a state of calmn. Just be sure to buy the kind of dark chocolate that is not overloaded with added ingredients, such as excess sugar and milk. Avocado is also a great choice of whole foods for brain power, but when you are stressed, maybe you do not want to focus on food. Rather, just be sure to get a natural balance of whole foods, like fruits, vegetables, and healthy fats.

Number Four: Talk Positive Thoughts with Friends and Family

The power of positive thinking goes a long, long ways. Not only can is lower your distress levels and provide you with better coping skills during stressful times, but it can also change a situation around entirely. Positive thinking just means looking at the negative in a productive way.

Positive thinking can also decrease depression, and depression can lead to many other unhealthy, stressful habits like overeating, lack of sleep, and isolation. In order to get through your legal battle, it is best to stay positive so that you can live the outcome that you truly desire. Simply ask the universe for what you want, and see what happens.

Number Five: Write Things Down

Some people write Morning Pages, which is an activity done first thing in the morning. You write down all of your thoughts, on three pages, and then start your day. If this does not work for you, then you can also grab a pen and paper, or your phone, and throughout the day, simply write down your thoughts. They can be good, bad, random, repetitive, angry, happy, sad, excited. Just whatever comes to your mind that you want to let go, write them down. You do not have to share them. But, writing down your thoughts can free up brain space for more productive thinking, like how to navigate your legal case.

Number Six: Walk

Sometimes even the thought of exercise can leave you feeling trapped, exhausted, and overwhelmingly depressed. Luckily, walking is a simple activity that can be mindless and very easy to do. Just grab a pair of shoes (or go barefoot especially if there is a beach nearby), and go for a short walk. Just the process of moving your body is enough to improve circulation, and shift thoughts around in your head. If you are walking outside, then nature has a special way of stimulating all the senses, which also helps in emotional releases. You can easily clear your head with a short walk every morning, or after a stressful engagement with your legal battle.

Number Seven: Avoid Electronics

Unplugging from your electronic and technological devices can improve memory, sleep, and give you new perspectives. All of these are very helpful for getting through your legal battle. Though it may be difficult because you feel the urge to check your email for updates, you must also give yourself the space you need in order to productively handle the emails and phone calls. Unplugging is a perfectly acceptable thing to do.


CNG Law Criminal Lawyers know how stressful it is to live through a legal battle. Though with the right balance of sleep, food, water, and great coping skills, we know we can get through it together.


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