5 Decorations to Buy When Celebrating Eid


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What is Eid and Why Do People Celebrate It?

Eid is a holy festival and it’s celebrated by the people who belong to the Islamic religion. Eid ul-fitr is celebrated after completing the fasting period of Ramadan.

Almost 24% of the world’s population is Muslim and they live in more than 50 countries in the world. Hence, it’s a huge religious festival all around the world.

Eid lasts for 3 days. Eid ul-adha and Eid ul-fitr are the two Eid festivals. However, Eid ul-fitr means a feast after completing the days of fasting. Muslims say – Eid Mubarak and they visit each other’s houses. They prepare delicious and rich foods, they buy new clothes, and they decorate their houses.

The below discussion tells you 5 ideas to decorate your home on Eid. So, read it and celebrate the holy Eid.

Celebrate Eid With These 5 Decorations

1) Balloons

Balloons are perhaps the most gorgeous decoration items. Printed balloons can help you to inject a theme in your house. You can buy – Eid mubarak balloons, Ramadan balloons, Eid party balloons, Eid color balloons, foil balloons, and more types of balloons. So, bring some fluffy Eid balloons and your place would surely sparkle.

2) Banners

Eid Mubarak banners bring a happy spirit into your home. There are so many types of banners. You can hang – balloon banners, printed banners, moon and star banners, outdoor banners, door banners, and more types of Eid banners.

3) Lights

Decorative Eid lights can add grandeur to your house. After all, Eid is a holy festival and lights make your house look brighter. Eid string lights, Ramadan lights, window decorations, hanging moon with stars, lanterns, Eid Mubarak lights, outdoor decoration lights, and tons of other lights can be picked. You can also pick multiple lights to decorate your Eid party and feast.

4) Backdrops

Large backdrops make your Eid decoration look better and larger. With the right Eid backdrops your place would look grand. Eid ul-fitr backdrops, Ramadan backdrops, Eid mubarak backdrops, golden moon Eid backdrops, and more backdrops should be on your Eid decoration list. You can use these backdrops to click photos or to take selfies with your family and friends.

5) Bunting

Buntings are one kind of banner. But they are separate letters and they are hung using a string. Eid mubarak bunting, happy Eid bunting, paper bunting, colorful plastic bunting, and Eid decorative buntings can help your Eid party to have a theme. Buntings are written using stylish English or Arabic letters. Hence, you can decorate your Eid party with two or more buntings.

Nowadays, Ramadan advent calendars, curtains, boxes, banners, lights, balloons, backdrops, bunting, lanterns, and more decorative items are available. You can use these items to decorate each of your rooms. If you have a big place, then you can decorate your place uniquely on Eid.

On Eid, your friends may decorate their homes gorgeously. So, Eid is no more a festival of the feast. It’s a grand celebration, That’s why you should also decorate your house flawlessly. Just bring the above Eid decorative items and decorate your place fabulously on Eid.


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