3 Best PDF Splitters


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Want to cut the PDF from between? You can surely use PDF splitters for the same. With the latest tools, you can easily split PDF online and turn one single PDF into as many parts as possible. This is extremely helpful when you want to have multiple chapters in your book. You can have one eBook where you can add all the chapters and then you can split the PDF into multiple parts. Each of the parts will get their chapter. This is a great way to have multiple variants.

3 Best PDF Splitters

If that’s the case or you simply want to extract pages from PDF, you can surely use the PDF splitters that we are going to discuss here. You can use any of them from the list.

1. 2PDF (2PDF.COM)

One of the best websites or tools that you can use to split PDF online is 2PDF. Not only this awesome tool will allow you to easily split the PDF but you can do a lot more here. For example, if you want to delete some of the pages from between and get a new PDF, you can surely extract pages from PDF here. You can remove certain pages from the PDF and get the entire half. This is why the best tool you can use is 2PDF.com. Not to mention, it’s easy to use.

2. EasePDF

Talking about easy-to-use, we are here with the second tool that can be helpful if you want to split PDF online and get the divided parts. You can use the EasePDF tool. The tool works just like the above-mentioned one where you can easily upload the file and then split it. Thereafter, you can download the file that is the result. With these easy steps. You will get the final result. This is how you can use surely use these files.

3. PDF Split and Merge

You can surely use the last tool. It’s quite a big name for you to write and that’s the reason why people don’t prefer this website. You can surely use the PDF Split and Merge. However, if you are not the one who has a problem in the writing a huge name, you can surely go with this website. You can surely use this website and get what you are looking for. The website allows you to split PDF online and get the extracted pages with ease.

Final Words

To summarize, if you are looking for the best website to split PDF online and extract pages from PDF, you can surely go with 2pdf.com. It’s easy to write and the UI is awesome. This is why you can surely get things going. There are many other features in the tools you can explore. This will help you with the documentation process. For example, you can compress the size of PDFs, etc. This will help you at various places. You can surely go with the website that you like the most. So, you can go with any of them from the given 3.


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