Steps to Finding a Perfect Entry Door


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Your entrance door speaks a lot about your persona and taste. It is the primary thing which any visitor notices about you when coming to your house, hence it makes a statement about you. Choosing the best entry door for your house isn’t a tough task. Below here are some steps to find a perfect entry door:

Steps to Finding a Perfect Entry Door

Choose the right material for you:

As the front door is the external part of your home, it should be made of material which is strong and enduring. Your entry door should be sturdy, robust and able to withstand all weather conditions and years of usage. There are a number of materials your front door can be made of:

  1. Wood: Wooden doors are appealing and offer a classic look to your house. They are available in intricate patterns, carvings and amazing shades. Though wood is a versatile option for entrance doors, it is costly, weather sensitive and requires a lot of maintenance. For vrc baltic doors, visit vrcbaltic.
  2. Fiberglass: Fiberglass doors are a budget-friendly option in comparison to the convention wooden doors. They have a smooth surface and are ideal for painting. They last long and are energy efficient.
  3. Steel: For those looking for a cheaper and long lasting option, a steel entry door could be a great option for it. It is ideal for safeguarding your house from intruders as well as heat and cold from out.
  4. Vinyl: Vinyl is the most durable, cost-effective and easy to maintain material. It is appealing and can withstand extreme weather conditions. It is quite popular in Edmonton.


A front door speaks a lot about your style and personality and casts a statement about your house. Hence, you should consider a few style options such as panels, carvings, customized colours, designs, decorative glass inserts etc. to enhance the look of your front door.

Cost is important

  1. Different materials are available at different prices. Simple doors with no ornate design and vinyl doors are the most budget-friendly options.
  2. A good quality front door will help you in saving on utility bills as much as 10%. It also enhances the overall value of your house, so one should not compromise on the quality of the door.

Finalize the details

If you want a personalized entry door, then you can get it done by choosing the colour, glass and hardware for your front door. A door glass is an effective option to customize your exterior doors and bring natural light inside the house. You have endless options right from simple obscure to textured designs. Once you have the style in your mind, you can easily choose the glass.

Colour is equally important for your entry door. You can get your doors factory stained or painted or do it yourself. Do you want the door to be the focal point or to blend in with the architecture of your home? Do you prefer light colours or dark shades?

Colour and glass design take the longest to decide but when you have the end result in your mind, the procedure gets simpler. And of course, Window Mart is there to help and advise you along the way. So, go ahead and choose your exteriors doors now.


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