Betting on Cricket – Winning Big When Gambling on Cricket Matches


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In this article, I’ll discuss how to bet on cricket matches. There are two major domestic leagues I’ll be discussing for Cricket Sports Betting, an English County championship division one and the Indian Premier league.

It is believed that the English County championship could be considered to be the equivalent to the English premiership football. The friendlier Providence Trophy is regarded in the same way as an English football FA Cup.

The IPL in India is becoming more popular across the globe and there are currently the same betting markets for these games as there are for English matches between counties. The IPL is a great sport with many top players, and because of its huge popularity in this sport across India, Indian cricket teams are willing to pay large sums to attract the best players in cricket.

There are of course many different domestic leagues across the globe We will concentrate upon the English as well as the Indian leagues. Both leagues can be seen in Sky Sports, so these are simple to follow.

The County teams are: Nottinghamshire, Sussex, Derbyshire, Kent, Leicestershire, Surrey, Middlesex, Somerset, Durham, Essex, Gloucestershire, Lancashire, Yorkshire, Warwickshire, Worcestershire, Northants, Glamorgan, and Hampshire.

The IPL teams are: Royal challengers Bangalore, Delhi Capitals, Chennai super Kings, Punjab Kings, Gujarat Titans, Rajasthan Royals, Lucknow SuperGiants, Mumbai Indians and the Kolkata Knight Riders.

There are a variety of pre-match bets and bets on in-play matches to pick from. Since these tournaments are league-based, you can make bets on overall winners and other things such as best batsman.

A few basic tips for betting:

Conditions for weather:

It is important to not underestimate the impact of weather conditions, and this particularly is the case for test matches. Be aware it is possible for rain to have an enormous impact on how matches are concluded. There are many scenarios in which the weather, specifically rain, can influence the outcome of a match. If the team has had an unsatisfactory batting performance and they are hoping that rain will fall to keep the test going and get a draw.

Players are injured when they:

Like every sport there are injuries that are common when playing cricket. The players spend a lot of time on the playing field and can result in fatigue and injuries. It’s not uncommon. The most important players are removed shortly prior to matches. If you’re betting, ensure that you’re informed of any major injuries to players and also who was named to take their place.

Form overall and team confidence

Confidence is a crucial aspect in the success of the cricketers. If players have scored high and have high confidence as in every other game. Watch out for batsmen with high scoring and bowlers who are high-risk takers.

Be aware of these rules:

If you are betting, always ensure that you know the rules of the market you’re betting on. There’s a well-known tale about an German punter who called Betfair to complain that his cricket bet had not been completed. He was stunned to discover that he’d placed a bet on a game that can take several weeks to play.


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