Future Scope of Big Data Hadoop for Fresher


There is a huge amount of data available all around the globe and the industry needs some good tool or framework to manage this data in an effective manner. Big data is one such tool which has the power to preserve the data in a proper manner and analyze it perfectly to extract the proper information. Big Data has come up as an IT field frontier in today’s time. Almost every business demands the use of Big Data. The business owners get a much needed competitive edge and better power of decision making with the Big Data Analytics. Nowadays, there is a pool of opportunities available for the skilled Big Data professionals.

Future Scope of Big Data Hadoop for Fresher

Hadoop is an open source framework which is actually a supermodel of the Big Data. Apart from Hadoop, there is no other alternative yet discovered in the market which has the capability to deal with this petabyte of data. In a prediction done in the year 2015, it was revealed that the Big Data Hadoop industry is going to grow five folds in the analytics world.

For fresher, there is a huge scope for Big Data Hadoop with the only condition that the person should be skilled and capable enough to deal with all form of data whether structured or unstructured.

Analytics job market to rise in India

Various researches have suggested that by the end of the year 2018, India will be going to face a shortage of almost around 2 lakhs of data scientists.

The future scope for Hadoop and Big Data is very high as most of the organizations including the retail, e-commerce, telecom, automobile, and many others have adopted the analytics so as to gain a competitive edge over others in the market.

Hadoop is phenomenally in demand in the market and the demand keeps on rising for the skilled people with the guarantee of a bright future and very high salary packages. Almost all the major multinational companies like Facebook, Google, Amazon, Snapdeal and Jabong etc have started the use of Hadoop in order to analyze their huge data.

Salary structure for Big Data Hadoop professionals

There are lucrative salary packages for the trained professionals who are certified in Big Data Hadoop. The salary packages start from 7 lakhs and go up to 10 lakhs for the fresher. For a manager with the experience of around 7 to 9 years, the packages might go up to 20 lakhs.

With time, the demand of Big Data Hadoop is going to rise very fastly in India and it is a high time that the fresher can take up these courses and get certified. Certification is one level up to get placed in the reputed firms and also you get a confidence to work easily with any form of data.

So take up the Big Data Hadoop Training Certification today and get ready for the future success and a bright career.


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